This summer we decided to explore the questions “What is healing and resistance?” and “What are we healing and resisting from?”. In order to explore this we decided to create a self care blog. We felt that this was the best way to explore the subject because we all find it somewhat difficult to intentionally care for ourselves. This is especially true when dealing with the daily stresses of life. We wanted to create an outlet for people dealing with the same issues in order to support those who need it while learning how to better take care of ourselves at the same time. We hope that this blog can help people heal and persevere through the rough times.

  • Poems : The meaning of the poetry category is to help others relate to what we’ve been though and how we feel. We wish to share our happy and sorrowful moments through poetry. We also hope to inspire everyone else to express themselves through poems if they want. Please enjoy!
  • Personal Experience : Hello, I’m Desirée and welcome to my stories. These stories are my personal stories and I hope you find them relatable, and also find them humorous. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.
  • Illustrations : We chose illustrations because we love to draw and express ourselves through visuals. Perhaps people will understand the message we’re trying to get through, and hopefully they can connect to these illustrations to figure out their own emotions.
  • Resource Quotes: The purpose of the quotes is to uplift people. Quotes are an outlet to find comfort. It’s motivation to get people through the day. We hope you’ll find our quotes inspirational. We also hope it will make your day brighter.
  • Music Playlist : We’ve put together a playlist titled “Colors” that will take you through every color of your mood; whether you’re feeling sad, angry, happy, cheated, confident, or full of good vibes. The purpose of the playlist is to help ease your mind with music. Music is a really big coping mechanism for a lot of people, and a lot of people use music to take care of themselves. They also listen to music while taking care of themselves in other ways. It’s lengthy, so there’s plenty of music to chose from and you’re guaranteed to find what you need to help you.