Hannah’s Tips

Bubble Bath Night

To take some personal time and decompress from a stressful day, a nice, calming bubble bath can help.
You will need:
– a tub
– bubbles and/or your favorite soap
– bath bomb (optional)
– candles
– a towel
– music you like
First you should fill the tub with water to your liking (warm/ hot is preferred to relax muscles in the body). Then you can put your bubbles, soap, or bath bomb in the water.
Before you get in the bath you can light your favorite candle for some calm, ambient light or to make the room smell nicer. You can also play music or use a calming music radio station from Pandora, Soundcloud, or Spotify. You should sit in the bath and try your best to relax and unwind from the taxing day. Stay in as long as you like, until the water gets cold, or until you get too clammy for comfort. enjoy (:

Relaxing Summer Night Walk

What you will need:
– water and/or a hydrating drink
– somewhere safe and comfortable for you to take a walk. (ex: your neighborhood, a park)
– comfy clothing that you can crack a sweat in
– music you enjoy (optional)
– a friend/walking buddy (optional)
A night stroll is a good, easy, and free way to relieve stress and get in some exercise. Exercise is said to release “happy chemicals” in the brain and throughout the body.
Taking a walk can also give you time to clear your thoughts and go through the events of the day. Music can help you get into a good walking rhythm, and can make the walk more entertaining. Walking at night insures cooler weather than the day had. If you would rather not walk at night for safety reasons I suggest an early morning walk because the weather is nice, and it can help up start your metabolism for the day to come. The amount of time you walk is up to you, but 20-30 minutes a day can be beneficial. Have fun (:


What you will need:
– a turned off/ put away device
We live in a society so plugged in, that sometimes we can get lost in the sauce of our phones, tablets, iPods, and other devices. While all these devices are great and helpful, sometimes they cause people to feel bad or negatively about themselves, others, and things happening in the world. For example, let’s say “Amy” has posted something that you didn’t like or that you found offensive. It causes you to feel negative for the rest of the day or makes you feel some type of way towards them. That can cause you to become emotionally exhausted, and the more you don’t take time to yourself to unplug and unwind, you will soon find that you have burnt yourself out emotionally. Taking a step back from devices can seem hard and daunting, but you need to always remember that YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PUT YOUR NEEDS AND FEELINGS FIRST. It sounds very selfish, I know, but what I have realized throughout the years is that you always have to put your best interests first. No one can take care of you better than you can. No one can love you better than you can. You are your best advocate and you owe it to your mind, body, and soul to take steps towards self care and self love. Take time to read a book, paint a picture, go exploring, or converse with an old friend. Your device will be waiting front and center for when you are finished, I promise.
Have fun unplugging, and your device battery will thank you as well (: