Consent Workshop

Student 1

I thought the workshop was very informative. I learned about statistics of sexual violence and debunked myths, like ages of consent and who commits these acts. I also expected a lot of arguments in the room, but we didn’t argue that much. The activities were interesting and I was able to see different opinions. My opinions did change somewhat and I became more sympathetic to those involved with sexual violence.


Student 2

Today we had a consent workshop. I wasn’t really fond of participating in this talk because i thought i knew everything i needed to know about consent. The first activity we did was agree and disagree. It was a very interesting activity because some of the topics were intriguing. One topic that caught my attention was that you still need consent to engage in sexual activity when you are married. This kind of puzzled me because i thought when you’re married you are suppose to show love and affection, but what i learned is you still have to have your partners consent.
This topic caught my attention more because in a relationship spouses may think because they are together they can do whatever they want to their partner, whenever they please. That’s not the case with consent, no matter if you’re in a relationship you still have to ask for permission. In a relationship, no matter how many times you have intercourse ; just because they say yes the first time doesn’t give you the right to do it the next time or the next five times. Every time you want something you have to ask.
For example when you ask somebody for some of their food and they say yes the first time that does not allow you to keep digging in their food , if you want some more you have to ask again. This goes for any type of activity with your partner you have to ask for their permission every time.
In conclusion, this Consent Workshop was  helpful and informative. Even though in the beginning I wasn’t really into it , by the end i left with more knowledge of consent. Also how consent works in a relationship. I’m glad The Collab did this presentation because I left more empowered with information that will help in the long run.