Girl Crush

It was freshman year of high school. But before I continue the rest of the story I noticed this girl before school started because at my school we had freshman orientation. Continuing the story, it was the first day of school, like the first full day. Now, throughout the day I’ve noticed her, like we had all most ever class together. Me being me I had friends but I wanted to make real friends. The ones I know I could count on. Now, this is where things get interesting. It was lunch time, and at my school we had to sit in our sections (so like freshman, sophomores, and etc). So I took my seat at the lunch table I knew I would be at for the if the year, and she decided to sit right in front on me. Of course my intentions were to become really close friends with her, and ever since we sat at the same lunch table we’ve been unbreakable. At first I didn’t think I was gonna fall for her, but we just had that vibe that was indescribable. To be sure I had a real crush on her I first went to my friend Taylor and she said that since I was a freshman at an all girl school that I didn’t have a crush on her. My other friend Mickylia (who is a stud basically) had me come to realization that I did have a crush on her. When I finally realized I didn’t know how to act around her, and I wasn’t even sure that she liked girls; which made me feel even more nervous because I didn’t want to do something she didn’t like or confess to her that I liked her and she turn me down. By the time December/ January came I found out that she liked me and since I liked her I wanted to take things a bit further in our relationship, and she felt the same way. Soooo… I guess you’ll have to find out another time because that’s another story for another day.