To start off, I just want you guys to know that this is a two sided story but since I only know my side I mind as well tell it. My ex bestfriend and I been friends for 6 years. So we’ve been through ups and down, well basically everything and I guess this was just our breaking point. So she started talking to this guy again who really been giving out friendship problems. I assume we knew that every time he came around that our friendship would go left a little but I guess not. Just a little back info about this story, the guy and I were very close and he hurt me very badly. He hurt my ex bestfriend too but not as bad as me. Back to the story, so my ex bestfriend and I are talking on ft and she brings up that she has been talking to the guy again and that she has strong feelings for him. And she basically asks like is it okay for her to get close to him and everything. Now, this is where I went wrong. I told her that she could but I only said that because I wanted to see her happy. If she felt as though he made her happy than so be it. I put her feelings before mine and I thought it was okay. And few days go by and she talks to me about him and I start to get mad and upset because I start to think like “why would my so called bestfriend would start to have strong feelings for someone who has hurt me really bad?” Next, would I did was very petty and should’ve just came to her but that was a different me. I level up every week now. Anyways, instead of coming to her I sent an Anonymous message to a friend about the situation and that friend posted it on he Instagram. My friend posted it on her instagram because she posted “send something anonymous, I’ll post it, and I’ll respond back.” So I told the story to her, she posted it, and gave me some real eye opening advice that was my “bestfriend” really wasn’t my bestfriend. My ex bestfriend saw the post and straight away called me on ft, we tried talking it out but I didn’t really wanna talk to her. Long story short we’re not friends obviously, and that it’s okay to put your feelings. Protect your heart.